Southwestnern School Foundation

For Educational Excellence






          In 1990, the Southwestern Administrative team envisioned a Foundation to benefit the students of the Southwestern district.  An administrative initiative was established and a request was submitted for a $1,000 grant to help in the study of school foundations.  Over the next 10 years, the idea of a non-profit school foundation took root and finally came into being in June, 2000.  That $1,000 study grant has grown into an organization that has produces in excess of $290,000 of funding to enrich the education of Southwestern students.  The following is a vision statement that was developed by the founders in June 2000:

  •  The Southwestern Foundation for Educational Excellence is proposed as a non-profit, tax exempt organization founded for the exclusive purpose of providing supplemental funding for educational projects that will encourage Southwestern Community Unit School District No. 9 students, teachers, administrators, and other members of the educational community to strive for higher levels of academic excellence.  This foundation is intended to work in close harmony with the Southwestern Board of Education while remaining independent of their jurisdiction in matters relating to fund raising and the expenditure of the organization's assets.
  • This Corporation, founded as an educational support foundation, shall operate as an autonomous, non-profit organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  As such, the Foundation shall act as a channel through which tax-exempt donations may be accepted for educational projects that benefit members of the Southwestern Educational Community.
  • The Foundation shall be governed by a volunteer Board of Directors who represent the community by donating their expertise in business, professional, educational, agricultural, and domestic matters in the operation of this corporation.   Although the Corporation and the Southwestern Board of Education are separate and distinct entities, they shall work in close harmony with each other in a complimentary manner that provides educational benefits for the School District.


          Mr. George Lahr, Mr. Don Stuckey, Mrs. Rosemary Mayerhofer, Mrs. Judi Watts and Mrs. Fern Halliday were on the original Board of Directors and are remain on the Board today.  Mr. Lahr served as the first President and was also one of the original scholarship donors.

Southwestern Foundation Adopts Logo

The Southwestern School Foundation for Educational Excellence has adopted a new logo. The logo was developed and donated by former graduate, Aarron Mintert, Aarron is a 1995 graduate of Southwestern and is the President/CEO, Graphic Designer at Aarron Mintert Creative Design Company in St. Charles, MO.

His website is Design