.....passages taken directly from the Southwestern School District #9 2013-2014 Student Handbook


Dress & Grooming


          Students should dress in an appropriate manner. Dress or grooming that is disruptive, inappropriate, or interferes with a positive learning atmosphere will not be tolerated. The final determination of clothing being appropriate is at the discretion of the building administrator.


          The Board of Education has directed the administration to determine if student dress interferes with the instructional process. Specifically, the following items of clothing are not permitted:


  1. Hats, caps, bandanas and other forms of headdress. (This includes hoodie's worn over the head)
  2. Clothing which promotes the use of alcohol, drugs, or tobacco
  3. Clothing which promotes violence, gangs, or gang related activity
  4. Clothing with inappropriate language, pictures, or symbols. (As deemed disruptive by the administration)
  5. No excessively baggy pants, bondage pants, or pants with chains or long straps
    • Pants must remain at the waist without the use of a belt.
  6. Coats and jackets are to be kept in the student's lockers or assigned areas. Students are not to wear their coats or jackets in the classroom without permission.
  7. Pocket or other types of chains
  8. Colored hair that is deemed disruptive to the learning environment
  9. Spaghetti straps (All shirts worn by students must cover the entire shoulder. 3'd grade  and up)
  10. Students neck line may not exceed any lower than their arm pits.
  11. Short shorts, short skirts, and jeans with holes. (The length of shorts and skirts must exceed the finger tips of the student in a standing position with the shoulders and arms dangling in a relaxed position.) The same test will be used for jeans with holes. All holes must be below the finger tips.
  12. Clothing that exposes a student's skin or undergarments (Mesh shirts, short shirts exposing midriffs, shirts exposing bra straps, pants exposing boxers or briefs)
  13. Necklaces, bracelets, etc., with spikes or other objects that could cause injury
  14. Safety pins as part of jewelry or in a body piercing
  15. No facial piercing
  16. No pajamas or slippers permitted
  17. Shoes with wheels are not permitted.
  18. Students are to wear closed toed shoes at the elementary schools.
  19. Sunglasses are not to be worn inside the school building.


          The attire, grooming and appearance of students at any school activity are the responsibility of students and their parents. However, school officials and teachers will request or direct a modification of student dress or grooming if it is a danger to the student's health or the well being of others or if it causes, or is likely to cause, a general disruption at school or school activities. Items that depict images or contain slogans relating to alcohol, tobacco, drugs, drug paraphernalia, gang symbols, death, body mutilation or disfigurement, acts of violence, and vulgar and lewd subjects, are forbidden.


          The student who displays the forbidden items or physically appears in a manner depicting or displaying the forbidden items or who wears items endangering the student and others, will be asked, if reasonable under the circumstances, to remove the item or change his or her appearance so as not to wear or display the forbidden item or mode of dress and appearance. If the student fails to follow direction in removing the objectionable item or appearance or cannot reasonably change his or her appearance at the time, the student will be disciplined by suspending the student for the school day or until the student returns to school without the objectionable item.


          Special dress may be required for certain classes or activities. Students participating in class or school activities will be expected to follow teacher or administrative direction in this respect.