Southwestern CUSD No. 9

"Southwestern Students Succeed"

“The Piasa Bird Dedication to Excellence Award”
Founded in 2011

The Southwestern School District is fortunate to have an outstanding group of certified and non-certified employees.  Our employees are dedicated to their profession and strive to provide the best education and environment for each student in the Southwestern School District.  “The Piasa Bird Dedication to Excellence Award” is a way for district employees to be recognized by their peers for outstanding performance in their profession. 

Nominations can be made by all district employees and/or parents until the end of each school year.  Individuals who nominate their colleagues will remain anonymous unless the person they nominate is chosen.  Once the nominations have been submitted, nominations will be judged by the superintendent, respective building principals, and a retired employee of the district (certified or non-certified depending on the nomination).  Once the judges have reviewed the nominations, three awards will be given out at the Teacher’s Institute to start the upcoming school year.  The awards will be for excellence in the following areas Pre-K – 6 certified staff, 7 – 12 certified staff and non-certified employees.  The recipients will be given a plaque to recognize them for their achievements and a $200 gift card from a local business of choice.  In addition, certified employees will receive $300 towards materials and supplies to enhance their classroom instruction.  Purchases made with the $300 will remain with the certified employee to use throughout their career in the Southwestern School District.

If you would like to nominate an employee for “The Piasa Bird Dedication to Excellence Award” please click on one of the links below. All nominations must be submitted via email to or a paper copy may be turned into the Piasa office by the last day of the school year. 

Certified Staff Member – Teachers, Nurses, Social Workers, Librarians, Speech Therapists, Guidance Counselors and School Psychologist

Non-Certified Member – Custodians, Cooks, Bus Drivers, Secretaries and Teacher Aides

Thank you for taking the time to recognize a staff member for their dedication to excellence!