Southwestern CUSD No. 9

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The information provided below will provide you with basic information.
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School Medical Forms




  • It is best if medications can be given at home, but we realize that some students need to have medication available at school.
  • If medication needs to be given at school, please have your physician/health care provider fill out the Medication Authorization Form and return it to the school nurse.
  • Medication needs to be sent to school in the ORIGINAL container.
  • Parents need to sign and date the bottom of the Medication Authorization Form giving the school permission to give their student medication.
  • Forms can be faxed to Shipman School Nurse at 618-836-7014.



  • Physicals are required for entrance to school for Pre-K, Kindergarten, Sixth and Ninth Grades.
  • Students entering from another state are required to have a physical on the Illinois physical form within one month of entering school.
  • Please review your physical to make sure all areas are completed.
  • Physical exams can be obtained from your personal health care provider. However, there are a number of local clinics in the area if you are unable to get into your health care provider:
    • Bunker Hill Rural Health (618-585-6290)
    • Community Care School Linked Health Center  (217-839-1526)
    • Southern IL Healthcare Foundation (Alton..618-463-5905 / Bethalto..618-259-0354)
    • LCCC Nurse Managed Health Center (618-468-6010)
  • Immunizations must be up-to-date prior to entering school.
  • Immunizations can be obtained from your county health department, your physician's office or many of the local clinics.
  • Recommended immunizations can be found on the CDC website .......



  • Dental exams are required for Kindergarten, Second, and Sixth grade students.

  • All Kids Program offers dental services through Doral. The customer service number is 1-888-286-2447

  • Local dental resources that take Illinois Public Aid or offer sliding scale based on income are:

    • Southern Illinois Healthcare Foundation (618-258-8460)

    • Maple Street Dental Clinic (217-839-4110)

    • SIU Dental School (618-474-7000)



  • Kindergarten students and those students entering an Illinois school for the first time are required to have an eye exam by an eye care professional
  • Screenings are performed on all students Pre-K through 8th grade in the Southwestern School District. The purpose of a screening is to identify students who MAY have a problem. It is not a substitute for an eye exam by an eye care professional.
  • Referral letters are sent home after a student has failed two screenings. Students who are referred need to go to an eye care professional and be evaluated.
  • It is important to return the Vision Examination Report to the school nurse after the eye care professional has filled it out. This communicates the visual needs of your student as well as providing the information needed for state reporting.
  • Kid Care providers can be identified by called 1-888-255-5437.
  • Sight For Students is available for children 18 years of age and younger without vision insurance whose family income is up to 200% of the federal poverty guidelines. This program will pay for an eye exam and glasses. Sight For Students information can be obtained through the school nurse or on the web at



  • All students Pre-K through 8th grade are screened for hearing each year.
  • If a student fails two screenings, then a threshold study is done. A student who fails a threshold study is referred. A student referred for hearing can either go to his/her physician for further evaluation or Region III for evaluation by anaudiologist.
    • Region III (618-462-1031)
  • If you go to your physician, please have him/her fill out the exam report and return it to your school nurse. This communicates your child's needs to the school as well as providing the information needed for state reporting.


  • School age children and their families can find assistance for behavioral health issues at:

    • Wells Spring (618-639-2010.....crisis number 618-639-2106)

    • Locust Street Resource Center .... 217-839-1526

  • Maple Street Clinic provides behavioral health resources for adults only ... (217-839-1526)